Roofing / Storm & Fire Damage Repair

There’s no question that our Northern Wisconsin roofing systems take quite a beating. We have one of the widest spreads of temperature in the world — from extreme summer highs to some incredible below zero records. Not to mention some pretty nasty precipitation beating down on us and our buildings.

Our roofs get quite a workout throughout the seasons. Give us a call. We’ll work with you to install the roof that’s best for your home and your situation. Whether you’re looking for new architectural asphalt style shingles or a metal roof system, we make sure your roof is going to last.

For example, we no longer use felt paper for covering your existing plywood roof sheathing. Instead, we use water and ice protectant on the entire structure. This is required by code only on the first six feet from the soffits, but for the sake of durability and longevity, we use it on the entire roof. This sticky rubber seals up the entire house, so the materials in your roof will last for many, many years.

Of course, we offer a wide varieyty of roofing styles, colors and textures to match the design of your home. It’s amazing how a new roof enhances the look of your home. We think it’s an underrated element in home design, so let us help you increase the beauty and value of your home with a new roof.

Storm and Fire Damage Repair

You’ll find our experience in working with homeowners and insurance companies a huge advantage when you need to repair storm or fire damage. We can navigate the tricky territory that comes with getting your property back to its original state.

We take the time to inspect the integrity of your home to be sure it’s structurally sound. There should be no cutting corners when it comes to reconstruction of a damaged building. The damage can go much deeper than the surface. This is where Degenaar’s years of experience in rehab and rebuilding gives us the advantage.

You can count on your reconstruction being the best quality possible. Not only will your home look its best, but its value will likely be higher than before the damage.

Roofing Contractor

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Degenaar Construction and Remodeling is a licensed and insured contractor. We perform construction and remodeling services throughout the areas of Sawyer, Washburn, Barron, Southern Bayfield, and Burnett Counties in Wisconsin, and we are here to bring trust back to home contractors with our integrity and quality workmanship.